Monday, 29 November 2010

Printmaking: Week 6

I didn't go to printmaking on Monday as I was snowed in.
But I worked in the print room a couple of extra days this week to catch up, here's what I did:

Some of today's more successful prints (above)

I used a mixture of red, purple, brown and black inks to give a marbled effect:

I experimented with making 'masks' from cut out pheasant shapes, drawing wallpaper-inspired floral shapes inside the outline.

I also played around with the outside frame shape I want to use for each bird image. Once I'm happy with these, I'll combine them with the pheasants.

I realised that I could use the same drawings over and over again to trace the image onto the ink, but it became confusing as I had already gone over the lines, so I found using a different coloured pen each time was really helpful.

However, different pens produce different effects, for example the line from a biro is very different from a felt tip, so I got some different coloured biros, as I preferred this stronger line. I also found different a paper thickness changed the end result; wallpaper is thick so the line comes out quite blurred, but I like this effect.

I need to be very careful when tracing my drawings onto ink as if the paper moves, the image will be skewed.

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