Monday, 6 December 2010

Printmaking: Week 7

Today I talked to Caroline again about where my final piece was going (as next week is our last week)

Rose Power 06/12/10

How many prints did you make? 5

How many of these taught you something new? All, as I had not experimented with printing onto wallpaper before. Aside from the 4 mono prints I created, I tried the lino block I'd cut at home while I was ill, which probably taught me the most as I realized I much prefer the style I have developed through mono printing.

How many hours did you spend in the printmaking workshop? 6

Visual Sensibility (understanding and expressing ideas in images)/ Competence in printmaking techniques: My mono printing style is definitely improving and I am able to better communicate my idea through this medium now.

Using research to expand knowledge, enrich thinking and affect your work/Thoughtful and imaginative approach to printmaking: I took all of the research I have done into consideration when printing today which I think helped produce good images. I thought a lot about the lines I was making and drew onto the paper/ink more carefully and slowly than I have before.

Active participation in taught sessions: It was good to be back in the studio on my scheduled day, after weeks of snow and illness! I found it useful to see how everyone else is progressing and drawing their projects to a close

I give myself a score of : 85

I've decided from today's experiments that I want my final piece to be mono printed on wallpaper. I originally wanted to print my own wallpaper and then print onto that, but I realised due to time restraints it would not be possible. I asked Caroline if it would be ok to use existing wallpaper and she said yes, especially as it inspired my idea originally. I have chosen the yellow one (above) as I have loosely been using the pattern from this one to draw outlines.

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