Saturday, 20 November 2010

2 amazing resources

Here are 2 really interesting blogs I looked at over the weekend:

I had fun looking at this site, which left me full of good ideas, like 'ephemera swaps'.
Their 'search' facility is really useful, as I wanted to look specifically at monoprinting, so I typed in 'monoprint and here's what came up. I like the idea of using unusual found objects and materials to produce prints, like trees and even jelly!?Printresting are on Facebook and Twitter as well.

jello monoprints

This is a space for all livejournal users to contribute to, from complete beginners to experienced printmakers. It's interesting to see the wide range of techniques and levels of expertise, particularly the most amateur work, which is met with encouraging and helpful comments.
Some of my favourite pieces on here combine a mixture of techniques, like this beautiful linocut/silkscreen collage by Megan Frau. Some of the aritsts have even included step-by-step tutorials, and images of work in progress.

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