Monday, 27 September 2010

Printmaking: week 1

Today we learnt how to make mono prints.

This was something I had never tried before, but I found it quite easy to pick up.
I need to practice it a LOT more before I can use it successfully... as you can see from these DISASTROUS experimental prints.
What IS this!?
I think mainly I need to use less ink. And remember that the image comes out in reverse, so text needs to be written backwards.
This looks so very much like Oliver.

Some animals from my memory

I googled monoprinting; here's an artist who uses it to draw landscapes: Mark Willen Bruch
Much better than mine!

EDIT: just realised I'm supposed to be blogging in a STRUCTURED and RELEVANT way...
here's what I was meant to do:

Rose Power 27/09/10

How many prints did you make? 6

How many of these taught you something new? all of them, as I have never done mono prints before and on each one I tried something different, for example applying different amounts of pressure or using more/less ink.

How many hours did you spend in the printmaking workshop? 6 - a full day. I would say I spent as much time observing and helping others as doing my own practical work, as we were all new to the print studio and mono printing; we helped each other out.

Assess yourself this week for:

Competence in printmaking techniques : Little/complete lack of competence. It was my first day! Though by the end, I felt more competent and confident.

Thoughtful and imaginative approach to printmaking:

Visual Sensibility (understanding and expressing ideas in images):

I had to think a lot about what I was doing and how the image would turn out as I didn't really know what would happen. For example, I discovered the text came out in reverse so had to take this into consideration when drawing on the paper (and write backwards). I used my imagination to turn my existing drawings into more interesting printed images and drew directly from my imagination for a couple of prints.

Using research to expand knowledge, enrich thinking and affect your work: I arrived with very little knowledge of printmaking, particularly mono printing, but as you can see above, I googled the process and artists who use it.

Active participation in taught sessions: I payed close attention to Caroline's demonstrations as I was initially clueless about the mono print process. I was able to apply this when teaching someone else how to mono print, and found this repetition a useful tool for reminding myself how to do everything correctly. I also took the initiative to ask someone who was drypoint printing to give me a quick demo, as I was interested in how it worked.

I give myself a score of : 75/great

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